Board of Directors | HKCBA


Craig Lindsay, National Chair, HKCBA

Craig Lindsay

National Chair
President, Otis Gold Corp.
Alexandria Sham, Immediate Past National Chair, HKCBA

Alexandria Sham

Immediate Past National Chair
Insurance Advisor, RBC Insurance
Arthur Chan, Toronto President, HKCBA

Arthur Chan

National Vice Chair
Partner - Assurance, PwC LLP
Bill Lau, National Treasurer, HKCBA

Bill Lau

National Treasurer
Partner, KPMG LLP
Cindy Ho, National Secretary, HKCBA

Cindy Ho

National Secretary
Lawyer, DS Lawyers
Marvin Hough, Ottawa President and Director at Large, President, MIRA Limited

Marvin Hough

Director at Large
President, MIRA Limited
Frankie Lee, Director-at-Large, HKCBA

Frankie Lee

President, iVenture Global Corporation
Barry Macdonald, Director-at-Large, HKCBA

Barry Macdonald

Partner, PwC LLP
Josh Miller, Director-at-Large, HKCBA

Josh Miller

Partner, FL Fuller Landau LLP.
Bill Bu, Atlantic President, HKCBA

Bill Bu

Atlantic President
President, Eastern Tide International Ltd.
Alex Henderson, Calgary President, Partner, KPMG

Alex Henderson

Calgary President
Partner, KPMG
Bruce Kirkland, Edmonton President, HKCBA

Bruce Kirkland

Edmonton President
Principal Dealer, Lexus of Edmonton
Bin Han, Montreal President, HKCBA

Bin Han

Montreal President
Director, Commercial Services, Asian Market, Desjardins
Amy Willis, Vancouver President, HKCBA

Amy Willis

Ottawa President
Director, Investments & Consulting, Pinnacle Global
Zoheir Hasanbhai, Vancouver President, HKCBA

Zoheir Hasanbhai

Toronto President
Executive Director, Can-Education Consortium
Dave Pohl, Vancouver President, HKCBA

Dave Pohl

Vancouver President
President, Naturally Good Enterprises Ltd.
Alfonz Koncan, Winnipeg President, HKCBA

Alfonz Koncan

Winnipeg President
Director of Business Development and Government Relations at EnviroTREC
Vanessa Wright, Executive Director, HKCBA

Vanessa Wright

Executive Director