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Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is a proactive, non-government body that provides an extensive networking platform for over 1200 members with business interests in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Celebrating 36 years in Hong Kong, the CCCHK is the largest Canadian business organization outside of Canada, one of the most active international chambers in Hong Kong, and an influential business group in Asia-Pacific.


Open to Canadian and non-Canadian members alike, our Chamber represents businesses of every size across the widest spectrum of activities. Our members include managing directors of small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations, as well as government officials, business professionals and hi-tech entrepreneurs brought together with the common purpose of fostering trade, and addressing related issues with a collective voice.


To be Hong Kong's pre-eminent business organization for networking and policy representation.


The Chamber’s mission and goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Promote the interests of members and convey their views to decision-makers in industry and in government
  • To add real value to membership through an extensive program of publications, seminars, events, functions and missions
  • To build and grow a diverse membership and to provide the membership with a significant platform for networking opportunitiesTo facilitate trade for, and between, our members, and to promote commerce between Hong Kong, Canada, and our members throughout Asia, including China
  • To manage Chamber financial affairs with the twin goals of fiscal strength and reinvestment in benefits for members

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