National Investment Pitch Competition

Do you have a business idea connecting Canada to Asia leveraging the "Canada - Hong Kong" Advantage? Submit your ideas for a chance to win $50,000 in prizes.

The purpose of the Hong Kong – Canada Investment Pitch Competition is to provide students enrolled in post-secondary business programs and recent graduates across Canada with a tangible opportunity to showcase their business idea to a panel of professionals.

If you have been working on a business idea that connects Canada to Hong Kong or leverages the "Canada - Hong Kong" advantage to conduct business between Canada and other parts of Asia, this is your chance to get in the running for prizes valued around $50,000 including:

  • Cash prizes and seed money to put towards your business idea
  • Consulting services to help get your business from concept to market
  • Trip for two to Hong Kong to attend the 2018 Hong Kong Forum

We will be choosing the "best of the best" submissions from across the country to compete in our competition, a flagship event at our 2018 HKCBA National Conference.

Qualifying teams will win flights, accommodation and registration for two to attend the 2018 HKCBA National Conference in Montreal and pitch your business idea at the Conference on May 25th, 2018 in front of a panel of seasoned judges and live audience.



Submission Requirements

  1. Investment Pitch Competition Application Form
  2. A high level Executive Summary describing the business idea
  3. Create a 7-minute video pitching your idea

See the Investment Pitch Application Form for more information on the executive summary and video requirements as well as details on the selection criteria.

Submit your completed application form and provide a YouTube link to your video no later than April 6, 2018 to

Qualifying teams will be announced April 20, 2018.


*There is no application fee and qualifying teams (for two team members) will have their travel, accommodation and conference registration fee paid for by HKCBA.

The "Canada - Hong Kong" Advantage

Canada has enjoyed longstanding bilateral relations with Hong Kong through political, commercial and people-to-people ties. Hong Kong continues to rank among Canada's top 10 trading partners, 7th largest in 2017, due in part to the the market's gateway to opportunities in Mainland China and across Asia.*

Hong Kong serves as an ideal place to do business in Asia for a number of reasons:

  • Government support for startups and entrepreneurs with incubators offering free office space and business support services
  • Hong Kong is strategically located within 5 hours flight time from half the world's population
  • Low and simple tax regime
  • Hong Kong is one of the world's most business friendly cities coming in at number 5 in the World Banks 2018 Doing Business Report
  • World class business infrastructure makes travel, logistics and telecommunications simple for international companies
  • Hong Kong has business-friendly immigration policies and a strong local pool of skilled talent

For more information on Hong Kong's advantages, visit InvestHK.



This competition is open to startups who have been started by or employ full-time students, part-time students or recent graduates (under-grad or masters programs within the last 2 years) from participating schools across Canada. The concept must emphasize trade between Canada and Hong Kong or through Hong Kong to Asia.

Participating schools include:

  • University of Calgary,
  • Mount Royal University,
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), 
  • University of Alberta,
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT),
  • MacEwan University,
  • Olds College,
  • University of British Columbia,
  • Simon Fraser University, 
  • University of Victoria,
  • University of Winnipeg,
  • University of Manitoba,
  • University of Ottawa,
  • Carleton University,
  • Queens University, 
  • York University,
  • University of Toronto,
  • University of Waterloo,
  • Sheridan College, 
  • McMaster Univeristy, 
  • McGill University,
  • Concordia University, 
  • St. Francis Xavier, and
  • Dalhousie University

Don't see your school on the list? Drop us a line at 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I participate in the competition if I am not a full or part-time student?

A: If you are not a recent graduate (graduated within 2 years of the application date), full or part-time student, your submission MUST involve an element of student engagement in order to be eligible.


Q: What level of student engagement is required in order to be eligible?

A: The level of student engagement is very broad and can range from complete or partial ownership of the business idea, intellectual property and / or company shares by students[1] to limited student involvement in supporting capacities (e.g., advisors, directors, employees, interns, etc.). 

Examples of acceptable student engagement include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. All team members consist of full or part-time students at one of the participating schools.
  2. 50% of team members consist of full or part-time students at one of the participating schools.
  3. Ownership of the business idea belongs to a non-student, but students from one of the participating schools are employees, interns or sit on the team’s advisory board.
  4. Ownership of the business idea and company shares belongs to a recent graduate of one of the participating schools, and one of the company’s directors is a part-time student at one of the participating schools.


Q: Why are non-student team members allowed to participate in a competition targeted at full and part-time students?

A: A number of the entrepreneurship / incubator programs at our participating schools work with non-student start-ups that leverage the relationship with their schools in a variety of ways, with the common goal of enhancing education for students through experiential learning.  This type of student engagement is aligned with HKCBA’s goal to engage youth in a meaningful way, while promoting commercial activity between Canada and Hong Kong or through Hong Kong to other parts of Asia.


Q: What stage of development is most appropriate for the business ideas being pitched?

A: Ideas being pitched should be at the initial stages of development (i.e., new ideas), but these  MUST be ideas you intend to take to market, for which you have done sufficient planning and work to articulate your value proposition, target market, marketing / sales / distribution strategy and financial forecasts. 


Q: Is there any restriction on the number of members in each team?

A:  We will pay for 2 representatives of each selected team to come to our conference in Calgary (i.e. transportation, accommodation and conference registration). However, we do not limit the number of members in each team. That being said, from our past experience, we found the ideal maximum to be 4 to 5 members, which allows each member to provide meaningful input and still be able to “gel” as a team.


Q: Do team members need to appear in the application video?

A: There is no requirement for the team members to appear in the video. However, being in the video allows you to introduce yourself to the HKCBA panel beforehand – if you want this opportunity.


Have any questions?

Feel free to get in touch with Cindy Ho via email at

[1] Students can be full or part-time students of any of the participating schools or recent alumni from these schools (i.e., graduated within 2 years of the April 6, 2018 application deadline)