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HK-Canada Connector: Dermadry Laboratories Inc.









HK-Canada Connector: Dermadry Laboratories Inc.


In our second edition of the HK-Canada Connector, we share Dermadry's success story on their expansion to Asia. Read on to learn more about the company, why they chose Hong Kong, and what's up next in their global expansion plans.  


Tell us a bit about your company and how Asia factors in.

Dermadry is a Canadian company that manufactures and sells a tap water iontophoresis device indicated for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the hands, feet, and underarms. Licensed by Health Canada, our device combines simplicity with strict safety standards. 

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that affects nearly 5% of the global population. The rate is even higher among Asian populations. We have made it our mission to educate the public on the condition and make our device accessible to all. 


Why did you choose Hong Kong? 

Asians are genetically pre-disposed to suffering from hyperhidrosis. Since they generally sweat more than others, making our device available to them was one of our key priorities since the onset of our company. There is a lot of misinformation on hyperhidrosis, regarding causes and treatments. Some are not even aware that excessive sweating is a medical condition. 

We felt that it was not only it was our duty to educate, but also make our device available in Asian countries as soon as possible.

Hong Kong is an incredible economic force, and one of our prime markets. Hong Kong’s regulations make it simple and accessible for us to do business over there. We’ve developed a cherished, mutually beneficial relationship that we’re always looking to expand upon. 


Can you share a challenge your company faced and how you overcame it?

We want our company to be globally accessible, and therefore inclusive and representative of people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. We have been working on developing meaningful professional relationships with East Asian influencers. We are also working on developing professional relationships with medical professionals and distributors, in order to spread the word about hyperhidrosis and iontophoresis treatment.  

Representation is very important to us, and so we select models from different backgrounds to demonstrate our device’s effectiveness. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects people around the globe, but targeting key markets is crucial for us, as our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of those suffering from hyperhidrosis. 


What’s next? 

We are based in Montreal, Quebec and our device is currently available in over 80 countries across 5 continents. We are always looking to expand into new markets and countries. Medical device regulations make this a long process, but we always welcome new challenges, and learning about each country’s requirements and licenses along the way.

We are also looking to make our device available in stores, pharmacies, and clinics. We have begun collaborating with local medical professionals and are hoping to make our product more accessible to all by making them available in more locations!